Waterstone 9065 Industrial Soap/Lotion Dispenser

By: Waterstone    Collection: Industrial     SKU: 9065
Waterstone 9065 Industrial Soap/Lotion Dispenser
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Get rid of the ugly soap bottles! Add a Waterstone Industrial Soap/Lotion pump dispenser to compliment all of your modern PLP Pulldown Faucets and accessories. The high volume pump head is made with guides for a smooth pump action and dispenses 2cc of liquid. Made from eco-friendly solid brass or 316 maring grade stainless steel, this hand soap dispenser's straight spout has an anti-wick design to protect delicate patina finishes. No more drips. No need to get under the sink for re-fills. Dispenser head is removable so you can add antibacterial soap or hand lotion from the top of the sink. Available in 32 elegant finishes and solid 316 stainless steel.

  • Replaces unsightly soap bottles.
  • High volume 2cc pump.
  • Pump can be removed to refill soap from top of sink.
  • Modern knurling design matches any Industrial PLP Pulldown Faucet.
  • Removable head for easy internal cleaning.
  • Internal Teflon rings for smooth, non-wobble pump action and solid feel.
  • Anti-wick tip helps protect delicate patina finishes.
  • Made from eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
  • 12 oz. capacity (approx).
  • Made in the USA.

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  • Brand:Waterstone
  • Includes:Soap Dispenser
  • MPN:9065
  • Material:Brass