Waterstone 5200 Traditional Prep Size PLP Pulldown Faucet

By: Waterstone    Collection: Traditional     SKU: WS-5200
Waterstone 5200 Traditional Prep Size PLP Pulldown Faucet
Waterstone 5200 Traditional Prep Size PLP Pulldown Faucet
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Product Info


A smaller version of Waterstones traditional Pull Down faucet thats perfect for kitchen islands or smaller sinks. The PLP Prep Size Pulldown Faucets unique look and feel adds a professional-level functionality when cooking or cleaning at home. An amazing design that accents todays kitchen trends of simplicity and function. Home chefs and foodies will love how the traditional Prep Size Pull-Down makes food prep and clean up easy. Our unique PLP (Positive Lock Pulldown) sprayer extends 18? from spout and can be used to reach every corner of the sink. Flexible braided hose moves with you while the counterbalanced weight prevents the tug-back most Pull-Down Faucet users experience. Select handle then easily slides back up and locks into place. This innovative PLP design holds the ergonomic handle in place and prevents sag when not in use. Water control handle adjusts up to 22.5 degrees, right or left, for clearance from backsplash. Traditional style Pull Downs can also be Suited. Add matching faucet accessories in both style and finish. Soap/lotion dispensers, air switches or dishwasher air gaps create a professional collection of kitchen faucets for the prep sink area. Made from solid brass and available in 30 elegant finishes.

  • Smaller version of the Standard Reach PLP Pulldown.
  • Perfect for kitchen islands or smaller sinks.
  • Unique PLP positive lock holds spray head in place.
  • Ornate spout with 7? reach.
  • Spray head extends 18? from spout.
  • Pre-positioned easy pull counterbalanced weight.
  • Select lever spray or aerated stream.
  • Spout swivels 360 degrees.
  • Adjustable PTFE Friction Lock helps handle feel and prevents sag.
  • Handle adjusts 22.5 degrees in either direction for backsplash clearance.
  • Single handle mounts in front, right or left hand positions.
  • Hot/Cold ceramic disk valve cartridge.
  • Compatible with reverse osmosis filtration systems.
  • 1.75 gpm maximum flow rate with aerated tip.
  • Solid brass construction.
  • Includes three styles of handle buttons.
  • Lifetime functional warranty.
  • Made in America.

    Specified model meets or exceeds the following Codes & Standards:
    • ASME A112.18.1
    • CSA B125.1
    • NSF 61
    • CALGreen
    • ADA compliant
  • Additional Info

    • Brand:Waterstone
    • Includes:Faucet Only
    • MPN:WS-5200
    • Material:Brass

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