Newport Brass 3-608 Keaton Diverter/Flow Control Handle

By: Newport Brass     Collection: Priya     SKU: 3-608
Newport Brass 3-608 Keaton Diverter/Flow Control Handle
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Product Info


As cylinders meet at mitered angles the Keaton Collection sets forth its bold, modern design. There is a perfection to Keaton that is visually pleasing as it takes what is historically curved and re-imagines it as angled. Each element of Keaton stays true to the design�s minimalist aesthetic which results in a fixture with genuine impact.

  • Available in 27 unique Finishes
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • ADA Compliant Lever Handle assembly for control valve
  • Diverter: order handle & Diverter Valve part #1-617
  • Flow Control: order handle & Flow Control Valve Part #1-606H or 1-607H

Additional Info

  • Brand:Newport Brass
  • Includes:
  • MPN:3-608
  • Material:Brass

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