Mountain Plumbing MT1853-NL Francis Anthony Point-of-Use Drinking Faucet w/Traditional Curved Body & Curved Handle

By: Mountain Plumbing    Collection: Francis Anthony     SKU: MT1853-NL
Mountain Plumbing MT1853-NL Francis Anthony Point-of-Use Drinking Faucet w/Traditional Curved Body & Curved Handle
Mountain Plumbing MT1853-NL Francis Anthony Point-of-Use Drinking Faucet w/Traditional Curved Body & Curved Handle
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Product Info


Francis Anthony Collection

  • 1/4 Turn Ceramic Cartridge
  • These faucets are constructed with lead free brass
  • 1-3/16" minimum to 1-3/8" maximum mounting hole required
  • This drinking water faucet is ICC listed
  • Reverse Osmosis Safe

*The Little Gourmet� point-of-use drinking faucet provides instant cold water right at your fingertips!

Lifetime New York designer, Mr. Frank Antoniello, is the man behind the Francis Anthony Collection. This United States Army Vietnam Veteran got his start in the industry in the late 1970's working for T&S Brass developing and designing commercial faucets. Mr. Antoniello's focus became more directed at the residential side when he helped form the Concinnity Division, part or IW Industries, in the late 1980's. At Concinnity, he teamed with an architect to bring unique designs and ideas from concepts to full production.

As the years lead on, his craft has become more refined. Since joining Mountain Plumbing Products in 2008, Mr. Antoniello has served as Mountain's Director of Engineering and Design. To date, he has 30+ patents on design and utility with his first patent being issued in the mid 90's.

Mr. Antoniello says that, "Today's design focuses on a minimalistic level. The homeowner does not want to be overpowered when completing their kitchen design. This is where the Francis Anthony Collection comes into play. The Francis Anthony Collection exemplifies tailored proportion gourmet faucets which make an exclusive statement of chic design and perfect proportion".

Additional Info

  • BRAND:Mountain Plumbing
  • MPN:MT1853-NL
  • MATERIAL:Brass

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