Mountain Plumbing BDR20S27-2 ABS with Flexible Overflow Neck

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Mountain Plumbing BDR20S27-2 ABS with Flexible Overflow Neck
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Complete cable-operated bath waste & overflow kit includes pipe with trim kit. Molded in ABS using brass components. Includes a solid brass or plastic molded trim kit. Available in multiple finishes to match every fixture in your bathroom!

  • Schedule 20 1-1/2" Tubular Drain
  • Patended Flexible Overflow Neck
  • For Acrylic, Fiberglass, Cast Iron, Steel, and Whirlpool Tubs
  • Can be cut to size by installer
  • Vertical Pipe 22" to 28"
  • Horizontal Pipe 7" to 12"
  • Cable Length 39"
  • IAPMO (UPC) Approved

Kit Components:

  • BDR20S22-2 or BDR20S27-2
  • TRIMM3

Immerse Feature

  • The Mountain Plumbing "Immerse" features allows you to have the most luxurious bathing experience you've ever had! It now comes standard on all Mountain Plumbing Products cable drains, allowing you to indulge in a more lavish bathing experience. The expertly engineered overflow has been developed for your tub to accommodate a near additional 2 inches of water. To fully take advantage of the immerse feature, simply fill your tub to the height you have been familiar with. Once seated and relaxed in your tub, the amount of displaced water will rise by approximately 2 inches and remain at this level. This additional water depth added to your tub will allow for you to be fully submerged, covering up your bare shoulders, and resulting in a more luxurious bath. It is the ultimate in getting the most of your bathtub.

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  • BRAND:Mountain Plumbing
  • MATERIAL:Brass