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Toto Washlet You don't live in the past… why should your bathroom? Experience the future of personal hygiene with the Toto Washlet.

Once you try a Washlet from Toto, you'll call them essential forever. They expertly blend comfort, function and hygiene as Toto's products are known to do, and they're designed to minimize interaction on your part. Toto calls them a "system" because there's a lot more to them than your average bidet. Like most of Toto's other products, these are luxury items and so there are a lot of factors that contribute to making them as comfortable as they can be. Not only that, but they're designed with the environment in mind, so they use cutting-edge technology to reduce water flow and environmental impact without sacrificing effectiveness or comfort.

One of the first things Toto addresses on their "about" page for the Washlet is temperature. Nobody likes a cold seat, so the Washlet has a heated seat that stays between 86 and 104 degrees, and the precise temperature is adjustable to your comfort. The same goes for the temperature, it's adjustable and stays in that range. You've also got control over the motion of the water, whether you want it in an oscillating motion or a pulsating motion, you can set it to whatever you like best. There's also a hands-free air drier built in to maximize comfort and sanitation.

Toto's Washlet is built to take care of itself. The nozzle has a self-cleaning function where it sanitizes itself and kills bacteria, which saves you time and energy cleaning, and also helps to maintain the bathroom as a healthy environment. Add the SoftClose lid into the mix, and you'll never hear it slam or risk scuffing again. The S350e model actually offers a sensor for automatic opening and closing of the lid, keeping you hands-free. We do have one disclaimer though, if you order a Toto washlet, we can't be held responsible if you get used to it pampering you and decide using a bathroom without one is just too much work. Although, Toto offers a portable washlet for that too!