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Toto Washlet The Neorest collection from Toto brings beautiful design and smart technology together for an amazing experience.

Meet the Neorest collection by Toto: contemporary, intuitive, attractive. Neorest provides a bathroom experience with elegance equaling the iron-and-porcelain look of the late 19th century, but with modern technology and ergonomic practicality to create the best environment the artists and engineers of the industry can create. Whatever Neorest components you choose, you can tell even at a first glance that they were designed with an equal focus on form and function. Toto provides a formula for the creation of their products on their website: "beauty = form + function." We think you'll find that holds true with each and every Toto piece you try.

Take, for example, Toto's Neorest II Vessel Lavatory with LED Lighting. It's made of a semi-clear epoxy resin and has a lit basin so not only is it a fine, attractive addition to any bathroom, but it's visible in the dark, which can keep you oriented in low or no light. Pair that with an LED indicator on the handle so you can get the precise water temperature that you like, and two adjustable flow rates (either 2 or 1.35 GPM) allow you to customize the flow to your exact preference. So, if you like a high flow for hand-washing but want to save water while brushing your teeth, you can have both.

That's just one of the components of the Neorest collection by Toto, but all of them are designed with the same customer-centric idea in mind. People are different, they like different things, so rather trying to tell customers one design is better than the other, Toto puts you in command, and lets you make the product work the way you want it to. After all, anyone can make bathroom fixtures with a good balance of form and function, but it takes flexibility to make it truly special, and that's what Neorest provides.