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Hydro Systems Regal Want to feel like royalty? The Regal Tub's whirlpool system features
six standard jets for a luxurious soak.

The Regal tub from Hydro Systems will completely redefine your idea of bathing with a new luxurious experience of comfort and relaxation. The Regal tub's gently sloping back and pillow headrest will transport you to a place of peace and tranquility, dissolving your stress and renewing your spirit. We can't imagine why you'd ever want to take it out, but the pillow headrest is easily removable.

The crown jewel of the Designer Series from Hydro Systems, the Regal tub comes in two sizes; a spacious single-bather model measuring 71"L x 34"W x 19"D (65 Gallons), and a larger model to comfortably accommodate two bathers measuring 70"L x 43"W x 19"D (85 Gallons). So whether your idea of the perfect bath includes a partner or nothing but peace and quiet, there is a Regal tub for you.

To make sure you select the correct Hydro Systems Regal tub, we've prepared the following charts and illustrations for your review. Take a moment to browse the details:

Hydro Systems Regal diagram legend Hydro Systems Regal diagram top view Hydro Systems Regal diagram side view
A B C D E F G H I J K L Jets Pump
7134 71"L x 34"W x 19"D 70 ¾" 34" 10 ½" 17" 22" 4 ½" 36" 18 ¾" 16 ¼" 2" 1 ¼" 3 ½" 6 2.25 65 Gal
7043 70"L x 43"W x 19"D 70 ¼" 43 ¼" 10 ½" 21 ½" 32" 4 ½" 36" 18 ¾" 16 ¼" 2" 1 ¼" 3 ¼" 6 2.25 85 Gal
Amps Volts Breaker Dedicated Service
13.5 120 20 amps GFCI Protected

As you can see from the table above, the general product dimensions published by Hydro Systems are approximate. Please consult the table carefully to see more exact dimensions for the Regal tub of your choice. As always, we're obligated to remind you that you shouldn't undertake any actual framing until your unit has been delivered. You know what they say... measure twice, cut once!

Framing Diagrams - For Cutout Dimensions, Wait for Unit to Arrive.
Hydro Systems Regal Tub Island Drop-In Framing Diagram
Tub Opening Dimensions
(L)ength (W)idth (H)eight Finish
7134 69" 32" 18 ½"
7043 68" 41 ¼" 18½"

We're pleased to present the above framing diagrams and measurements (provided by Hydro Systems) for your reference. The Hydro Systems Regal tub is designed to be installed in an island drop-in scheme. An island drop-in installation of a rectangular tub like the Regal makes a statement in any bathroom, adding a sense of luxury and design. For any custom project, be sure to discuss your options with your general contractor and/or plumbing professional.

Gelcoat Tub Construction Features
  • Gelcoat models finished in thick layer of deep lustrous gelcoat
  • Extra thick reinforced fiberglass
  • Pre-Wired pump on pump platform (standard pump location only)
  • Integral EZ Level platform facilitates installation
  • Non-skid bottom
Hydro Systems Options
  • Available as tub only, thermal air, whirlpool, or combo
  • Extra high density fiberglass
  • Micro Mount - 5/8" edge (requires 1 ¼" increase in framing)
  • Flange - galvanized
  • Custom jet and pump locations
  • Plated metallic finish
  • Additional directional jets
  • Swirling, rotating, or jumbo jets
  • Micro therapy jet
  • Integral waste & overflow
  • 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pump
  • Optional digital temperature display
  • Electronic low water protection
  • In-line heater
  • Chromatherapy-LED lighting system
  • Chromatherapy-LED mini spotlights
  • Mood light
  • Grab Bars
  • Back Masseuse
  • Neck Masseuse Pillow
  • Hydro Fragrance
  • Hydro Fusion
  • Hydro Coat
  • Hydro Express Quick Ship
PVC Systems Include
  • 6 Fully directional adjustable PVC jets
  • Anti-Vortex safety suction
  • Color matched system trim
  • HydrOzone ozone sanitation system
  • Rigid PVC piping
  • Self draining pump and system
  • Soft Touch electronic on/off control with 30-minute integral timer
  • 2.25 HP single-speed pump
  • Cable waste & overflow
Approvals & Listings
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • UPC & USPC - US & Canada
    UPC and USPC approval marks

We love the Hydro Systems Regal tub, and we are confident that as soon as you immerse yourself in its relaxing waters... you will love it too. If you have any further questions about the Hydro Systems Regal tub, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.