Technology Meets Eloquence With Delta Faucets

Delta Faucets With elegant design that enhances almost any space, the Virage collection's water-saving features make green living beautiful.

If you're a homeowner, chances are that you're already familiar with Delta faucets. Delta is the largest faucet manufacturer in the United States for both residential and commercial customers. And as technology continues to evolve, so does Delta and the products that they offer to valued customers. From traditional styled faucets to newer contemporary styled faucets featuring touch operation technology and temp control technology, Delta has it all.


Regardless of the faucet's price, faucets are designed to impress. If you're thinking about giving your home's bathroom or kitchen faucets a makeover, prepare to be wowed with all that Delta has to offer for your remodeling project.

Convenient Kitchen Faucets

Delta's new Touch20® Technology makes preserving water and cleaning up at the kitchen sink breezy. If you're tired of spreading germs when washing hands after handling raw meat and eggs, and then having to immediately clean off the faucet handles, you'll appreciate the convenience that this new technology offers homeowners.

And for parents, how many times have you had a child ask to fill a glass with water, or to rinse a glass so they could get a drink while you're busy washing dishes? With the new beverage faucets, your child is now able to rinse a glass or grab a cup of water while you continue to wash dishes without interrupting mom or dad.

Other modern conveniences of Delta include pull-down faucets with high-arc's that help you to avoid bumping into the faucet while doing dishes, pull-out faucets with built-in sprayers, additional soap dispensers, and more. When washing dishes with a soap dispenser placed where the sprayer is typically placed, you can say goodbye to the clutter and hassle of keeping the dish soap bottle on the sink—bye, bye.

Dreamy Bathroom Faucets

When it comes to upgrading the bathroom of your home with high-end faucets at affordable prices, Delta Faucet has it all, too. Collections include sleek sophisticated designs, customized body spray systems, shower heads with temp display technology, touch technology, and more.

The newly designed Temp20™ Technology features a digital temperature display which is great for parents with small children. This feature is particularly useful when children begin learning how to shower on their own or to ensure that water remains at a safe temperature for the smallest of children at all times.

And stylish new faucets like the new Urban Arzo Two Handle Lever Lavatory Faucet w/ Pop-Up Chrome are sure to impress guests who enter the domain of the bathroom with its modern, hip design.

Finding the Perfect Delta Faucet

Finding the perfect Delta Faucet may feel overwhelming because there are so many great faucets to choose from. When making your selection consider what means the most to you in a faucet. Is it touch-technology? Temp control technology? Do you want a sophisticated shower that can do it all – control temps, massage, preserve water and with touch technology, or do you just want a great basic faucet that you can also save a buck buying?

One thing's for sure, regardless of which type of Delta faucet that you choose, you can't go wrong. As the widely-recognized 2013 WaterSense Partner of the Year and proud sponsor of HGTV's Dream Home 2014, Delta Faucet remains one of our favorites.

To learn more about other dreamy Delta faucets, contact us today.