Brizo Vuelo At PlumbingOverstock.Com

Brizo Vuelo Here's one swan that was never an ugly duckling. Vuelo forms a majestic silhouette and delivers drama to any kitchen.

At the very first glance, the sculptural model for the Brizo Vuelo faucets is recognizable – the image of a swan is strikingly apparent, especially so in the unique Cocoa Bronze/Stainless or Polished Chrome/Matte White split finishes, which evoke the drifting color patterns of the Vuelo's inspiration. Essentially a functional work of art, the Vuelo contains the paramount features that Brizo's faucets have to offer in addition to its beautiful aesthetic design. The Vuelo collection for kitchen and bar/prep sinks is a statement of elegance and grace, and one of the most efficient and convenient designs available anywhere.

On the technical side of things, the Brizo Vuelo collection incorporates the patented SmartTouch technology, allowing the water to be turned on or off with just a touch anywhere on the handle or faucet, reducing the potential for fingerprints, and thus reducing the need for cleaning. The spray wand is secured with Brizo's MagneDock technology, which secures it out of the way in an attractive, tasteful way so as not to detract from the Vuelo's visual strength. In addition, the Vuelo faucets incorporate the DIAMOND Seal valves, which are tested to up to 5 million uses, ten times higher than the industry standard, and probably enough to outlast the rest of the building.

Design inspirations for the Brizo Vuelo collection of kitchen faucets and fixtures.

Brizo spared no effort to make the Vuelo faucets ideal for any environment – they are ADA and No-Lead compliant, meaning that they meet all federal and state regulations for lead content in the metal and accessibility. The faucets also have a flow rate up to .7 gallons per minute below the industry standard of 2.2, resulting in a lower utility cost per use, and a greener, more environmentally sound kitchen. Brizo's designers are experts at keeping their fixtures at a low environmental impact while maximizing their visual and ergonomic impact.

Brizo's Vuelo collection is the pinnacle of attractive design and artistic integrity in kitchen design. Few, if any faucets are comparable to Brizo's, so you can rest assured these are a good purchase for any kitchen, but if you have questions about these or any of our other products, feel free to contact us by phone, email, or live chat.