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Brizo Venuto Enjoy the pleasures of fabulous design and flawless technology when you add the Brizo Venuto collection to your home.

Introducing Venuto by Brizo—visually inspired by the hair sticks, worn by women in Japan, emphasis was put on the balance between appearance and function. The Venuto faucets and fixtures take a less elaborate approach to form than some of Brizo's other offerings, but to be clear, just because Venuto strikes a balance doesn't mean that it goes light on any aspect. It's beautiful and practical, much like the hair accessory it was based on.

Brizo's designers are known for their ability to evoke an image or convey a message through their particular artistic niche, and with the Venuto, that form/function balance is the message. It's apparent at a glance—you don't have to use it for a while to realize that it works well and looks great too. The geometric shapes and strong lines created by the Venuto communicate functional in themselves. Think of it like it's a faucet in business attire, it's attractive, professional, and confident.

Design inspirations for the Brizo Venuto collection of kitchen faucets and fixtures.

We would be remiss to just go on about how the Venuto fixtures are functional and not talk about the top tier technology that goes into making Brizo's faucets some of the best in the world. Venuto, by the way, won an ADEX award for excellence in design, so "best in the world" isn't just meaningless words, there's actually a panel that decides these things, and, well, Brizo likes to take a lot of those awards home. Venuto grabbed attention not only with its aesthetic qualities, but with SmartTouch technology, which switches the water on and off by touching any part of the faucet, and MagneDock technology which magnetically holds the spray wand in place so there are no loose parts. Everything just feels secure.

But don't worry, the Brizo Venuto faucets aren't extravagant to a fault – they meet and exceed all industry standards for environmental impact, like a water flow rate of up to .7 gallons per minute below the industry standard, and total ADA compliancy and No-Lead certification so that they meet all regulations, everywhere in the states. This means no matter where you want to install them, they're up to code, period. We like to think Brizo covered all the bases with the Venuto pieces, but if you've got any questions about these or any of our other products, don't hesitate to contact us!