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Brizo Belo As much sculpture as it is faucet, Brizo Belo is a true work of art in any kitchen.

One look at Brizo's Belo kitchen collection and you'll wonder whether you're looking at faucets or sculpture. And that's the idea. At once a poised ballet dancer and a gently gliding swan, the Belo kitchen faucet is an elegant reminder that art doesn't have to be confined to the living room. But don't be fooled: these faucets and accessories are crafted to last a lifetime and to deliver uncompromising quality.

"Belo began life not as a faucet, but as a sculpture," says Brizo director, Judd Lord. "The more we worked with it, the more we loved the way it tied together the worlds of fashion and nature." Brizo routinely looks outside the norm for inspiration and the Belo line reveals a palette of natural grace, sculpted elegance, and hidden surprises. The gentle lines of the ballerina belie the strength in her form; the sleek design of the Belo is so articulately crafted that you'd never guess the cutting-edge technology lying beneath its surface.

What makes the Belo line even more remarkable is how seamlessly it incorporates itself into a functional kitchen. Its beauty isn't skin deep. The design, while winning the prestigious Award for Design Excellence (ADEX), focused not only on aesthetics, but on achieving the most efficient, state-of-the-art performance possible in a kitchen fixture. The Belo fixtures boast Brizo's MagneDock® Technology, powerful magnets which hold the spray wand in place without interrupting the seamlessness of the design. The 2 Button/4 Function spray wand allows you to control the volume of stream or spray, even pausing and restarting with a simple 2-button design. And as you would expect from a high-end kitchen fixture, the Belo line is highly water efficient, exceeding EPA standards for efficiency.

Design inspirations for the Brizo Belo collection of kitchen faucets and fixtures.

Choose a reflective chrome finish to really draw attention to the fixture, or allow it to to take center stage with an understated stainless finish. Whether as the primary faucet, a bar/prep faucet, or even a complementary bud vase, the Belo kitchen collection choice you make will likely be the first step in thinking about your kitchen differently. Says Lord, "That's the fascinating thing about the creative process: you never know where it will start – or end."

The Brizo Belo collection is an experience. If upscaling your kitchen is in the cards for you, we're certain you won't go wrong with the Belo collection. The elegance of its design and superior technology in efficiency and control make it the fixture you'll value for a lifetime. We're happy to answer any questions about this remarkable collection, so please contact us for more information.