Discover The Amazing Designs Of Barclay Products

Barclay Products Barclay Products designers have traveled the world in search of the latest and greatest kitchen and bath innovations.

Barclay Products was originally known as Sterline Showers Company and its roots trace all the way back to 1933. During this time period, the company’s primary product line consisted of infamous Converto showers. This was back when consumers were making the transition to showers and converted the well-known claw foot bath tub into a shower combo.

The conversion allowed consumers to have the day-to-day option of showering or bathing. The company officially changed its name from Sterline Showers Company to Barclay Products sometime in 1982. The product line of the company consists of bathroom and kitchen designs and concepts from all over the globe.

Barclay Products has gone to great lengths over the years since the 80s to visit other parts of the world in search of the latest and greatest kitchen and bath products and designs. Products are housed in the company’s astonishingly large 100,000-square-foot warehouse with a product line that includes over 500 different styles of just about every plumbing product you need to give your kitchen and bath an upgrade.

Barclay Kitchen & Bath Brands and Products

There are just too many brands affiliated with the company to list within this article. In fact, there are so many brands that the company has a page dedicated to brand names with an extensive directory that starts from A and ends at Z. Just to name a few; brand names include: Addison, Allegro, Ashton, Bailey, Bali, Barnes, Galaxy, Galloway, Gibson, and many, many more.

Products include bathroom sinks; kitchen sinks; fillers & accessories; rods, tubs, and showers; toilets; and free-standing tubs. The company supplies everything you need to make any installation complete, including all of your deck mounting and wall mounting needs. Bathroom sinks include your choice of fire clay sinks, ped laves sinks, consoles, drop ins, under counter, wall hung, and more.

Discover sinks in porcelain, copper, and stainless steel. Kitchen sinks include the following styles: apron, granite, fire clay, double bowl, bamboo, bar/prep, copper, marble, pewter, single bowl, under counter, utility, and the timeless beauty of stainless steel.

When it comes to tubs and showers, there is an impressive listing of coverto, corner, rectangular, and risers. Your options when redesigning your bathroom or kitchen with Barclay Products are virtually limitless. There are so many different, amazingly stylish and efficient types of shower heads and lever handles that you may find it difficult to choose.

When choosing a new toilet for the bathroom of your home, your options include a basic classic toilet, contemporary, elongated, round, high tank, or one piece. The company has kitchen and bath products for every style and every budget. You really can’t go wrong with any of their products regardless of budget limitations and constraints.