Sidler Medicine Cabinets

Collection: Sidler Medicine Cabinets

SIDLER embodies Swiss quality and detail in each of their luxury products. Our elegant customized designs combine simplicity and authenticity to create an unique yet familiar feeling. This extravagant outlook from SIDLER’s Swiss craftsman is not by chance but rather by design.

Over 50 years of dedication and perseverance can be best described in SwissGerman as Leidenschaft; which means passion.

Leidenschaft is abundant in each of the individuals who take in part to create SIDLER products; their continued passion is evident in their love for detail and quality. When a company values hard work and everyone is working in unison towards the same goal, it is no coincidence that SIDLER is the one of the biggest manufactures of mirrors in Switzerland.

Its time for North America to be reintroduced to SIDLER as their new luxury household brand.