Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite

By: Waterstone    Collection: Fulton     SKU: 7825-2
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
Waterstone 7825-2 Fulton Bridge Faucet 2Pc. Suite
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Product Info


Fulton Bridge

    The Fulton Bridge Faucet is a sophisticated, modern design. The elegant, long reaching, 2-bend spout and two-handled lever design is made from solid brass or stainless steel for a lifetime of durability. The contemporary style Bridge Faucet mounts to the sink or kitchen countertop and has a built-in diverter for connection to optional sink side sprayer. Part of the Fulton Contemporary Suite, this Bridge Kitchen Faucet can be matched in finish and style to any Waterstone contemporary style accessory. Sink side sprayer, garbage disposal air switch, dishwasher air gap or soap/lotion dispenser. Sink hole covers available to cover that unsightly third hole. This sleek contemporary design is available in 32 stylish finishes and stainless steel. Every Waterstone Contemporary Bridge Faucet comes with a lifetime functional warranty.

    Waterstone 7825-2 Includes:

    • Fulton Bridge Faucet
    • Side Spray 3025
    • Soap Dispenser 4065

    Waterstone 7825 Faucet Features:

    • Two-holed Bridge Faucet design.
    • 2 Bend U-Spout.
    • Contemporary style.
    • Matches the Fulton Suite.
    • Double lever handles.
    • Solid brass or stainless steel construction.
    • 360 degree swivel spout.
    • Available in 32 finishes and stainless steel.
    • Lifetime functional warranty.

    Waterstone Side Spray 3025 Features:

    • Ergonomic insulated handle.
    • Large spray pattern.
    • No drip spray nozzle head.
    • Includes 4ft nylon reinforced hose and side spray holder.
    • Contemporary style.
    • Matches Fulton, Hunley, Fulton.
    • Solid brass or Stainless Steel construction.
    • Available in 32 elegant finishes and Stainless Steel.

    Waterstone Soap Dispenser 4065 Features:

    • Replaces unsightly soap bottles.
    • Anti-wick tip helps protect delicate patina finishes.
    • Internal guides for smooth pump action and solid feel.
    • 12oz capacity (approx).
    • Easy refill from top of sink.
    • Straight spout design.
    • Solid brass or stainless steel construction.
    • Available in 32 finishes and stainless steel.

Additional Info

  • Brand:Waterstone
  • Includes:Faucet, Side Sprayer & Soap Dispenser
  • MPN:7825-2
  • Material:Brass

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