Simple Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

Simple Tips for Bathroom Upgrade Bathroom remodeling projects can be a real headache. Imagine the impact you can have with just a few small upgrades.

Upgrading your bathroom can be a huge project, but it certainly doesn't have to be an expensive one. You can add new, inexpensive accessories to your bathroom without breaking the bank. If one new item can make your bathroom look and feel like a new room in the house, imagine what three new products will do. For a working budget under $1,200.00, you can turn your bathroom into a showroom. Upgrading on a budget may feel difficult, but not when you get your products from, where prices are always fair.

Add Character and Style

Your old faucets are probably worn out, faded, and not all appealing. The Kraus Brushed Nickel/Crystal Glass sink and faucet is a classic and elegant design that looks expensive, but is surprisingly affordable for the impact it makes in the room. This luxurious faucet/sink combination piece will only set you back $309.95 (prices subject to change at any time), and no one knows but you. The water runs inside the clear tempered glass, with the solid brass pop up design. The drain opening is 1.75-inches, and contains a single lever control for dispensing both hot and cold water. Make this a DIY or do- it- yourself project. Installation is easy, and the results will astound you.

Save Money With Every Flush

Older bathrooms are water gushers, and they use a massive amount of water to dispose of waste. The new American Standard 2-Piece Round Toilet comes in the popular neutral-toned bone finish. This toilet replaces the old white toilet in style, comfort, and efficiency, using 20 percent less water. The unit is easy to clean, and it has PowerWash rim bowls that clean with each flush. Your cost for your new American Standard bathroom toilet is just $250.03 (prices subject to change at any time).

Make it Look Like a Million Bucks

Is the old tile and grout around your bathtub looking a little more than beyond repair? The American Standard Acrylux 3-piece Direct-to-Stud Tub Wall in Linen is a quick and attractive solution for replacing the waterproofing around your tub/shower. The fiberglass bath and shower provide full size shelves for storing bath and showering products. The surface is reinforced with a resilient scuff- and scratch-proof surface that is easy to clean. The product comes with all the parts you need, for easy assembling. For $529.86 (prices subject to change at any time), you can enjoy bathing and showering in a cleaner, more attractive space than ever before.

Plumbing Overstock Makes Upgrades a Pleasure

Upgrading, remodeling, redesigning… these are terms that will send the average homeowner screaming. At Plumbing Overstock we understand that sometimes your vision for a project exceeds your budget. That's why we're proud to offer the best prices possible on a selection of the best plumbing fixtures and accessories available. With the right equipment and a reasonable budget, you really can transform your bathroom.