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Brizo Talo The lovely bluebell flower has a distinctive silhouette which Brizo took as inspiration for the design of their Talo collection.

Affecting the image of a bluebell flower, Brizo's Talo line of fixtures effortlessly merge the serenity of a natural visual appearance with the most advanced technology you've ever seen in a faucet. The subtle curvature and gradient of the metal could easily be found in a well-maintained flower garden, providing a natural aura to a part of the home so often dominated by a cold, mechanical feel. Use it to lighten up the kitchen space to avoid an overly technical aesthetic (without actually sacrificing any of the technology), or to further accentuate a bright room.

Speaking of the technical, Brizo's Talo faucets are some of the smartest you'll ever see, incorporating SmartTouch tech to allow the water to be turned on and off with just a tap anywhere on the fixture, and MagneDock to keep the spray wand secured neatly out of sight when not in use. These features cut back on excessively visible controls that would serve to blemish the Talo's appearance. This way, you can have the form and the function without making sacrifices in either department. The spray wand itself uses only two buttons, but has four functions, affording you all the control and utility you need without an unsightly mass of buttons or knobs to deal with.

The Brizo Talo line also has a minimal environmental impact, with .4 to .7 gallons per minute underneath the industry standard of 2.2 gallons, and they are also certified lead-free and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, so they can be installed anywhere in the States and meet or exceed building code requirements with ease. And given that it's available in a variety of different finishes, it will meet or exceed your requirements for fitting in with the rest of your kitchen equipment.

Design inspirations for the Brizo Talo collection of kitchen faucets and fixtures.

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