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Brizo RSVP Stately curves. Luxurious flourishes. Brizo RSVP is a study in refined glamour, including optional Swarovski Crystal finials.

Introducing the award-winning RSVP collection by Brizo. "A study in refined glamour," the RSVP collection was designed to make waves in every environment, whether traditional or contemporary, and make waves it does. Its winding forms and luxurious curves make a statement – elegance and taste. Designer Judd Lord reveals that the design process for RSVP began during a wave of "glam" popularity, so make no mistake, these fixtures are here to stand out, and believe us, they do. What's better, is that that's only a part of what makes them worthy of the recognition they've garnered for themselves.

The ADEX Platinum award is reserved for fixtures that are essentially the elite in their category. Fixtures that have earned it, like the Brizo RSVP collection, are unparalleled in design and appearance. The ADEX award is basically a guarantee of absolute satisfaction. It means that there are only a handful (if any) comparable fixtures available anywhere. Brizo's design tends to collect these awards like candy from a piñata, so you can be assured, this is a beautiful product that will get the job done like no other.

What exactly earned the Brizo RSVP collection such a prestigious award? Besides its gorgeous, sculpted features, it incorporates only the best in technical design, meeting WaterSense, No-Lead and ADA regulations, which means that it has a flow rate of equal to or less than 1.5 gallons per minute, and that it meets all state and federal standards for accessibility and freedom from lead contamination. It also incorporates H2Okinetic tech, which controls the way water is dispensed in order to "create a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow body spray with half the water." All this is to say, Brizo held nothing back on this one. The RSVP collection is the pinnacle of faucet design, bar none.

Design inspirations for the Brizo RSVP collection of bathroom faucets and fixtures.

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