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Brizo Loki Bathroom If you appreciate sleek lines and bit of cheeky mystery, then the Loki collection from Brizo will add just what you're looking for in your next bathroom project.

Loki, recognized as a Norse god often associated with mischief and deception, may seem like a strange namesake for Brizo's gorgeously-rendered collection of faucets and accessories, but once you spend some time living with it, you'll find pleasant surprises at every turn. Brizo's Loki collection deceives you with its minimalist design that delivers a maximum of features and overall quality.

Awarded the prestigious RedDot award for product design, the Brizo Loki pairs its horizontal platform with a graceful arc and unique sliding handle system. With a full complement of fixtures that include lavatory faucets, shower faucets, custom showers, and a full range of accessories like towel bars and toilet paper holders, the Brizo Loki bathroom collection offers you the ability to install a fully-expressed Scandinavian design aesthetic throughout your entire bathroom. Not only that, but the Loki collection is also available in a variety of handsome finishes, which means that you can have a unified look-and-feel for your plumbing fixtures in a way that best suits your own personal style. Each piece of the Brizo Loki collection is available in two different finishes including Brilliance® Brushed Nickel, Chrome.

Brizo Loki Brushed Nickel Brilliance® Brushed Nickel Brizo Loki Chrome Chrome

According to Judd Lord, the idea for Brizo Loki was actually driven by observations of decorating and industrial design trends of the 1990s. "The 90s were an interesting decade when it came to style trends. A big emphasis was placed on art and technology—and the combination of those worlds. Sliding doors on things like stereo equipment were in vogue, and that concept extends to the sliding handles on Loki." So does the Loki faucet wind up looking like a piece of 90s stereo equipment? Hardly. But there's no doubt that those high-end pieces from the 1990s share a certain DNA with the design aesthetic of the Brizo Loki collection.

Design inspirations for the Brizo Loki collection of bathroom faucets and fixtures.

In addition to its fabulous design, the Brizo Loki collection also includes a number of water-saving and standards-compliant technologies to ensure that you're installing one of the most advanced faucet systems available. Water Sense® is a special certification that is only given to to faucets with a flow rate of 1-½ gallons per minute, the E.P.A. efficiency specification required to achieve the certification. Going above and beyond the requirements of federal regulations, Brizo also employs H2Okinetic® Technology by controlling the thermal dynamics of your water flow to create a warmer and more luxurious spray that makes you feel like you're using a high-flow faucet while consuming just half the water. Brizo also offers the Loki collection to meet ADA-Compliant standards to better serve people with special needs directly or to assist contractors whose building codes require fixtures compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

We love the Brizo Loki collection, and we are confident that as soon as you experience the simple comforts of its design and the remarkable technology of its water flow for yourself... you will love it too. If you have any further questions about the Brizo Loki collection, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.