QuickDrain TILEIN40 Drain Cover - Tile-In 40" Long

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QuickDrain TILEIN40 Drain Cover - Tile-In 40" Long
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With a wide variety of styling options and superior installation flexibility, QuickDrain linear drains offer wall-to-wall coverage that promotes effective and efficient water drainage. ShowerLine Stream Kits are available in a variety of sizes and premium finishes for adding modern style to your shower space. Site-sizeable components allow for modification and flexibility while simplifying the installation process. Complete your shower system with a pre-sloped shower pan and waterproofing accessories, all of which are included in ShowerLine Installation Kits. Elevate your shower design with QuickDrain.
ShowerLine drain body and cover kit
40 in. drain body with 2 in. vertical outlet
48 in. stream cover in brushed stainless steel made of 18-gauge 304 stainless steel
Drain cover is site-sizeable for easy modification and flexibility
Internally sloped, self-cleaning trough prevents debris and stagnant water from sitting, eliminating hard water buildup
Trough extensions allow for drain to span rough openings from 42 in. to 48 in. (wallboard-to-wallboard) and to accommodate offset drain pipe
Height adjustable spacers allow for post-installation adjustment to make the drain flush with the floor
Provided cover channels frame the drain cover and protect the tile edge
Wall-to-wall coverage ensures a custom, symmetrical look, even with off-centered drain outlets
Drain capacity for 2 in. outlet is 12 GPM in a shower pan with curb and 5 GPM in a shower pan drain placed across entry; actual volume is limited by the plumbing lines and P-trap
Kit includes: (1) 40 in. ShowerLine drain body; (1) 48 in. ShowerLine stream cover in brushed stainless steel; (4) height adjustable spacers; (1) clamping collar; (2) brushed stainless steel cover channels (2) trough extensions; (22) screws; and (2) cover removal keys
Complete your shower system with a ShowerLine Installation Kit, which includes a pre-sloped shower pan and waterproofing accessories

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  • Brand:QuickDrain
  • Material:Steel