James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity

By: James Martin    Collection: De Soto     SKU: 825-V60D-BW
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
James Martin 825-V60D-BW De Soto 60" Double Vanity
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Bright White Vanity only
Arctic Fall Solid Surface Top
Carrara Marble Top
Cala Blue Quartz Top
Charcoal Soapstone Quartz Top
Eternal Marfil Quartz Top
Ethereal Noctis Quartz Top
Eternal Serena Quartz Top
Grey Expo Quartz Top
Eternal Jasmine Pearl Quartz Top

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Maximum Versatility De Soto was designed to fulfill a wide range of tasks. Storage and convenience are foremost in this collection. De Soto provides ample storage in each of the six available widths and configurations. Cabinets are crafted from North American Birch hardwoods and veneers. Interior space is generous, even in the smallest size. Low maintenance is provided with the full plinth base located behind the rounded bracket feet. Premium features include an electrical and USB outlet and beautiful faux-shagreen drawer organizers. Also available are optional 26” modular “make-up” counters, so you can connect vanities and create a grand bathroom. Offered in three finish colors: Bright White, Burnished Mahogany and Silver Gray.
Two door cabinet with two shelves & three drawers.
One Faux Shagreen Drawer Organizer in the top drawer
One Electrical Component attached on the right shelf, 120 Volt UL Rated, two electrical and two USB outlets.
Optional designer wood backsplash included with cabinet
Cabinets purchased separately will work with your own top

Height-35.0'' Width-61.3'' Depth-23.5''

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  • BRAND:James Martin

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