Colonial Bronze Cabinet Knob

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Colonial Bronze Cabinet Knob
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Polished Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel
Polished Nickel and Pewter
Polished Nickel and Frost Nickel
Polished Nickel and Satin Black
Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome
Polished Nickel and Satin Chrome
Polished Nickel and Polished Brass
Polished Nickel and Unlacquered Polished Brass
Polished Nickel and Satin Brass
Polished Nickel and Polished Copper
Polished Nickel and Satin Graphite
Polished Nickel and Matte Satin Black
Polished Nickel and Matte Satin Brass
Polished Nickel and Matte Antique Satin Brass
Polished Nickel and Matte Satin Copper
Polished Nickel and Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel and Matte Satin Graphite
Polished Nickel and Dark Statuary Bronze
Polished Nickel and Antique Satin Brass

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Cabinet Knob
Since 1927, Colonial Bronze has been designing, manufacturing & plating fine hardware in its factory in Torrington, CT., USA.This product is available in any of Colonial Bronze's hand worked finishes and is protected by Colonial Bronze's Finishes For Life Warranty
Colonial Bronze products are certified GREEN by SCSGlobal
When ordering a two-tone finish combination please specify post finish first and insert finish second.

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  • BRAND:Colonial Bronze

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